Triple Cross Cues are designed and constructed by a player, for players.  Consistency is the most important issue in billiard sports.  Removing error from each type of shot improves your consistency.  Once stance and motion mechanics of the arms are optimized then equipment becomes most important.  Just ask recent National APA Singles  Champ, Joey Jordan.  Triple Cross Cues made her best even better.  Triple Cross Cues are hand-built using the finest quality materials and proven technologies to make one of the best playing cues available. Pretty goes on the cue only after its playing characteristics are optimized.

Triple Cross Cues are individually forward balanced for the highest feedback to your stroking hand. Stroking error is lessened on long open-bridge shots, which improves consistency. Also, a Triple Cross Cue shaft, tapered for very low deflection, provides less shot correction error. As easy as point and click. Not sure, try one yourself. Now is the time for you to move up to Triple Cross Cues. You will be pleasantly surprised.



Triple Cross Cues Phone: 850-562-0037 (Leave message) Email: triplecrosscues@yahoo.com